When Sallie Mae Is as Incompetent as You Think

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It has been one of those days where you find out that you’re having that ongoing problem where you send your payments to Sallie Mae absolutely correctly, but they apply them wrongly, and send you a note about how they thought you meant something other than what you indicated. Well, I checked the address in my bank’s payment feature, and I sent my bill to the people I said I sent my bill to, in the amount I meant to, and they…it’s so screwed up, I don’t know what they did. Thank goodness for paying ahead and in-school deferment, though I’m trying to keep up and ignore that I have a deferent. Seriously, I’ve been having this issue for years, and right now, they’ve applied my regular payment on a loan to a loan that was paid off. Don’t tell me I should call them; the last time I did it, I listened to a guy eating potato chips into the phone for twenty minutes before I hung up. (Until they did that switch to Navient, I was doing okay by sending my payments to the opposite addresses, and they were being applied correctly. That’s how screwed up they are.)

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