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Grave Yards

NaNoBlogWhatever 25 of 30:

Today–well, when today happens, as this is all pre-scheduled, and you probably think I’m around on the internet and all–I will be toddling around NYC and its environs, taking pictures of the modern-day remembrances of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire for a project. I hope it will be a warm day, and a dry one. And I hope that as I see things, I am relieved of some of the nightmares I’ve had lately. I’m grateful for modern labor laws, that’s for sure, and for today’s safety standards. I’m grateful that people, int his case, a lot of women, stood up, banded together, and asked for change. And I’m sorry so many had to die for it to happen.

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NaNoBlogWhatever 11 of 30:

The title is a command I’d like to have. You know, to make things blow up. I have/had(?) a necklace with a charm that’s the ESC key. Oh, how I wish it worked when I pushed it.

I thought I had a handy link to offer up about Windows keyboard shortcuts, but alas, it was just a link to the help site. If you write or edit in Word, which is not a perfect program, but certainly not a typewriter, try out Ctrl+Shift+8 to show or hide formatting. When you’re not sure what’s weird about your formatting, this can be a good way to get a handle on what’s going on.

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