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Laurie Halse Anderson and the Revision Roadmap

Laurie Halse Anderson has a great post about revising with a “roadmap” here. I think this approach is a great idea, and it’s flexible, too; if you needed to add a column to track a B plot, or a magical item, or the movements of the villain behind the scenes, that would be pretty easy. There are lots of ways to revise, of course, but if you’re stuck on how to start, this could be fun, especially if you love organization and visuals. Yes, Hermione, you could use a couple of different highlighters, too.

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Cybils Nominations Closing…

Don’t forget to nominate your favorite reads from the past year for the 2013 Cybils awards! Nominations close tomorrow. If something has already been nominated, feel free to nominate another favorite (multiple nominations don’t make a difference, and they use up your nomination spots, so try to find something that’s eligible that hasn’t been celebrated yet).

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