Traditional Trees

NaNoBlogWhatever 28 of 30:

Today is the traditional go-with-roommate to get a tree day (though it is sometimes Saturday or Sunday instead of Friday). Tree-getting happens at a full service nursery, where they cut the branches off the bottom of the tree and bale it for you, but I have fond–if wet and chilly–memories of going out and cutting down a tree in the woods when I was little. For some value of cut, since I didn’t use the saw myself. Back in those days, I didn’t know you had to find your tree and listen for it to tell you its name, but now I enjoy finding out just how much personality a plant can have. 😉

I’m very fond of twinkling lights in the middle of dark winter, and of holiday decorations, and all of the trappings of Christmas. It’s not for everyone, but the sounds, sights, and smells make me cheerful and glad.

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