The End of the BlogMo

NaNoBlogWhatever 30 of 30:

If this posts, and it better, I have one post for every day of this month. I miss blogging, but I also miss the days of LiveJournal and even the days when there was an RSS feed built into Blogspot, so it was easier to follow and join in conversations. Twitter just isn’t the same, and it’s simply not somewhere I want to have weighty conversations.

I also miss blogging about books, but I haven’t had as much time to free read this fall, and it’s most certainly Not Fair to post about manuscripts on submission that I’ve been reading. (General thoughts about manuscripts would make for an interesting post, if I had more brainpower; for now, I’ll ask this: how often do you call someone this boy or this girl? I’m seeing it in place of names a lot, and I’m guessing it’s for variety, but it’s weird, like the weird of may/might confusion and all right/alright errors.)

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