The Books of April

April: Not a big reading month for me–I had a lot of projects to juggle and the subway was a bit more on-time than usual. Also I went to the movies two whole times, which is one more time than I went all of last year, I think. (Expensive. Also they used to give me migraines and I still expect they will, so I guess I’m skittish.) I also watched some enticing television. And was sick a bit. And somehow I bought a bunch of new books–still pulled in by $0.99 romance novels, every time–but didn’t read any of that quickie entertainment.

So–what DID I read? Well, not a lot from my to-read pile. I have a lovely stack of books on a table that beckons me…and that I haven’t managed. But couple selections from a very short list that got me up to 59 books read for the year (argh; perhaps I’ll hit 60 on the 30th):

Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi: This book is full of wonderful lines, with a great adventure.

Cicada, Shaun Tan: I think the spread with the top of the building gives people at different ages very different reads. I, however, found this to be an intense indictment of our corporate world–and our buy-in to the corporate world.

Fake Geek Girls by Suzanne Scott: Academic fan studies, nonfiction, which I reviewed elsewhere.

Tiny T-Rex and the Impossible Hug by Johnathan Stutzman and Jay Fleck: I have a type, okay, and it’s dinosaurs and PDA. See also Dinosaur Kisses.

Love Sugar Magic by Anna Meriano: Sweet middle grade about a Latinx family’s baking–and one girl’s desire to get in on the magic.

Still reading: The Poppy War. I’m basically halfway and waiting for what I hear is a rough, rough chapter.

The end. Of April.

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