Please Answer My One-Question Poll!

Here’s the quick explanation: I’m taking a social media class for a half semester that focuses on making and running social media for a media property that we make up ourselves. I, of course, am mostly excited about making up the property! We have to pitch the content and get an okay–mostly for reasons of needing enough to fill a half-semester of projects, and being workable–but I’m curious which of these interests you, especially if one interests you more, though I’m going to let you choose both answers in the poll. I’ve modified the pitches slightly to include a few words of context that was listed separately from the original pitches.

One of these is a fun, over-the-top YA series, the other a tongue-in-cheek pop-up book. Later on, I might be tweeting or posting about the social media stuff I make up for the one I pursue, as part of the class, and just for fun.

Thanks in advance for taking the poll!


EDIT: I also pitched other ideas, but I thought these would be the most fun to work on.

EDIT 2: All voting is anonymous, even to me.

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