March Manuscripting

This month, I am very excited to be counting down the days to vacation. I’ve been saving my frequent flyer miles for years (with a few skips and jumps used for upgrades, even though first class feels a lot like economy used to), and I’ll be taking off in the middle of the month with a couple of companions to somewhere that’s warm. As I write this, my computer is under a blizzard warning, and I spent a day at home because I didn’t think it was safe to drive in the ice and snow.

What that means is that I will be squishing all of my other responsibilities into the remainder of March, and blogging is low on the to-do list. So, March will be a month of moving–of moving links I published on Blogspot here. I’ve already managed to wipe out one of the old blog pages; I’m still uncertain what I’ll do with that site, though I’d like to keep it up for another year. (I have more pressing blogs that need to be moved and cleaned up.) I suppose all of that is to say that as you move in to a new online home, it’s worth thinking about organization, and how you’d move, if you moved, or how you’d stay forever. I started blogging ten years ago last Tuesday, and after Usenet and Yahoo Groups, that felt permanent. I had my own website for a couple of years, post Geocities but just before WordPress was a big thing. That felt permanent too.

But nothing is really permanent. People change and move on and grow. They want new things, or old things, or old new things. I miss 2002, sometimes, but other times, I’m glad to be where and who and what I am now. We’re told to embrace change, and we cling to the idea in front of hiring managers, but really, we only like change when we get to drive it ourselves.

I didn’t really mean to be philosophical. I just meant to say that March will be lots of short posts that link to some of my favorite resources for writers. If they give you a change of pace, then that’s enough. For March, anyway.

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