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No link today, but I see that there is to be a live enactment of Peter Pan (NBC, December 4). Think the same idea as the live Sound of Music that was…well, hey, it had Audra McDonald in it, and she was awesome.  It’s cool in an old-school way that NBC is doing this, because it’s a nod to the viewer–we believe in you, that you can watch something other than “unscripted” television that preys on all our worst viewing instincts (yes, I do watch that stuff, so hush). On the other hand, it’s designed to hang on to television viewers who, more than ever, watch their television time-shifted, if they watch it at all. Expect to see more of this “event” television in the future.

I sort of like it, though. I like the idea of group-watching airings, though if I recall correctly, this won’t quite work that way; eastern US time zones will see it at the same time, and ones to the west will see the tape. That part is yucky; I have always hated how if you’re in the west, you’re stuck getting spoiled or staying off all of the internets. Alas; I’ll be in class on the air date. Last review before finals!

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