Diverse Worlds grant for SF/F authors

Via my friend Faye:

…My friend Ellen in Orbit and I are running the New York City marathon this November and decided to raise funds for a charity. I know diversity in SF/F — especially women in SF/F, is a passion for all of you, so I wanted to alert you to our marathon fundraiser – we’ve partnered together with the Speculative Literature Foundation to raise funds for a new grant called DIVERSE WORLDS, which is intended to help writers from backgrounds underrepresented in science fiction and fantasy to start and continue publishing at a professional level, both for children’s and adult.

Our page has some silly photos and more info about the grant. Please visit it here: http://www.crowdrise.com/diverseworlds

The marathon is on November 3. When I scheduled this, they’d made a little less than half of their goal–but I’m sure they’d like to surpass it!


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