Cybils Nominations Are Open!

The Cybils are a blogger-driven book award, and I’ve been fortunate to be a judge1 for the past few years. Between now and October 15, YOU can nominate books published during the last year (beginning in October of last year) for consideration in all sorts of children’s literature areas. It’s fantastic to see what people have been reading and loving, and I’ve read great things from publishers large and small. I love seeing the wide range of what can be, for my area, young adult speculative fiction, so please don’t hesitate to nominate whatever you think breaks the mold (and is eligible for this year–see the site for complete rules). As I read and review, my Blogger will feed into the home page of this site–or you could visit your local library and read along….

1. Really, a panelist, but you get the gist.

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