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March Manuscripting: Pseudonyms

Ah, pseudonyms, noms de plume, and my favorite, noms de guerre. Should you have one? Do you want (or even need) one? How might you go about selecting one? I have some thoughts on this, and unfortunately, some of my favorite links are locked down, too. In the meantime, here are a couple of links I’ve collected.


Rachel Brooks onĀ five reasons to use a pseudonym

Carina Press: things to consider when choosing a pen name

Jillian Kent on choosing a pen name

A recent article on pen names on site; I wish that this one acknowledged that we’re not all named Tom, Dick, and Harry (nor do we want to be)

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March Manuscripting: Some Links on Agenting

Here are a few links that were on my old blog, covering what agents (can) do for you, what you should know, and how you can work together. Some of these will, I hope, lead you to other resources, too! These are older posts, but the information is timeless.


Rachelle Gardner on letting your agent run interference for you and what to ask an agent if you’re offered representation on 25 things writers should know about agents

Jane Friedman on how to tell if your agent is any good

Nathan Bransford on what literary agents do

Robin Mizell on agents who only consider published authors


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