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When Fingers Fly

I saw this link on Twitter and I thought it was good enough to share again. is hosting something called “Good Prose Month,” and that includes a fantastic post on some very common writing errors. These sorts of lists are wonderful to check on now and then; while I thought I would catch most of the usage mistakes that are highlighted in the post I linked, there were a couple that gave me pause. Would I catch them all, or would my eye slide right over some? I don’t know–and that’s why, when this post publishes automatically, I’ll have to visit the link and see!

I’ve thought about starting a list of my own. My tip of the day:

Lightning: a flash in the storm

Lightening: something that makes things lighter

Happy writing!

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New Header Art

I haven’t used WordPress for very long, and I wasn’t entirely certain that I wanted to commit to staying on it, so I couldn’t imagine futzing with the layout when I could hardly navigate the features (and plugins) I’d installed. Now, when I have five minutes, I try to schedule a few posts with resources or neat things; when I have seven, I read a little documentation, fiddle with features, or work on drafting a longer post.

Today, I only have five minutes, so I’ll devote it to a neat thing. My friend Manda Lewis made me a new and monstrous header for this blog. I asked for speculative fiction goes to the library and asked if she would put a new spin on a piece of reference art, and she went for it. I especially like the creature at left, because when you look too long into a book about the abyss, the abyss reaches back for you–okay, I especially like all of them. The quiet wonder of the plant-reading alien, the juxtaposition of the big monster with the tiny butterflies, the person whose book crackles with something electric.

If this is the sort of art you’re looking for, or if you just want to send a note to the artist, her contact information is in the FAQ.

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